Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Need Your Help - 2 years old Child - Congenital Hydro cephalous

மின்மடலில் வந்தது:

Vaishnavi is 2 years and 5 months baby girl suffering from Congenital Hydro cephalous disease.
She needs an operation. The operation costs around 5 lakhs to save her life(within 1 or 2 months operation should be done).Aadarana Helping Hand Community is taking initiative in collecting money for her surgery. Aadarana team alone could not afford the cost of operation and take further care so seeking your kindness in contribution. So far we gathered upto two lakhs.Still need a huge to save that life..Hoping you all will help us in saving the life of that kid... Even it is one Rupee you are going to contribute will help us to save Vaishnavi.

Please pass on this email to your friends if you think that might help us.

Child details:

Name: Vaishnavi A
Age : 2years and 5 months
Suffering from Congenital Hydro Cephalous

Contact person : Giri (Father of the baby) Or Aadarana team

If you have any queries you can ping any of Aadarana team members listed below.

You can go through the link given below...


Name Contact Number Location

Murali Manohar - 9940084849 Chennai
Chakrapani - 99001 90881 Bangalore
Praveen - 99864 81459 Bangalore
Suman Sanjay - 94905 68780 Tirupathi
Anil Kumar - 98666 18236 Tirupathi
Kamalakar - 9790917680 Chennai
Srinivasulu - 99860 68330 Bangalore

Account details :

Bank Name : ICICI Bank
Account No: 630901059062
Branch : Thilak road, Tirupathi
Account type :Current Account


Murali Manohar R.V.(Working in ODC-2)

Account No : 000901580295

Thank you very much for your love & support.


சேதுக்கரசி said...

எனக்கும் மின்னஞ்சலில் வந்தது (என்று சொல்லிப் பின்னூட்டக் கணக்கைத் திறந்துவைக்கிறேன் :-))

kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

இதற்கான பி.க - 2