Sunday, May 24, 2009

Run For Your Wife - Fund raiser play

BHUMI is organising a special fund-raiser play 'Run for your wife' with ASAP productions.

The show will be on June 14, Sunday 7.30 PM at the Museum Theatre, Egmore. Donor passes are available in denominations of Rs.150, 300 and 500. The proceeds from the show would be utilised for Bhumi's projects for supplementary education of under-privileged Children.

Contact 98942-09741 / 98408-68441 / 98403-16677 for your Donor pass!

Synopsis of the play:

What happens when you have two wives who have no clue that the other exists?
How do you react when your wife thinks you are gay?
Why do you always get into trouble, when all you wanted was to help the poor guy living downstairs?
What do you do when the friendly neighborhood policeman thinks you are IN with a nun and a transvestite?

RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, a rib tickling comedy by ASAP is the story of taxi cab driver John Smith, his wife Mary, and his other wife Barbara. He is able to get away with this double life because of his irregular work schedule—that is until he is involved in an accident. When the police come to investigate, complications arise as the harried cabbie tries to keep his two lives separate and make sure his wives don’t find out about each other.

The Cast includes Amit Singh, Naveen George, Dipika Pethe, Karan Ram, Venky and others.

Directed By : Amit Singh
Sets Design & Execution : Michael Muthu
Produced By : ASAP Productions

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